To the great folks in our community who showed this campaign such warmth and support, Thank You!

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The 2018 election cycle here in Los Alamos was exciting, exhausting and gratifying all at the same time. Even though I did not prevail in the race for Sheriff, it's been a fantastic opportunity to meet even more of the great folks who make this such a special community. I am humbled by the interest, generosity and civic pride shown to me throughout the campaign.

Thank you for that!

No such effort is complete without also recognizing exceptional supporters who were there for this effort from the start, so please let me express heartfelt thanks to my long-suffering wife for her tolerance and countless hours of effort; to my spectacular kids who offered the same with cheer and understanding; to the donors whose generosity put us on the political map in this cycle; and to the many volunteers who helped with door knocking, outreach, events and the million other tasks big and small that together make up a campaign. Much appreciated!