With a PhD in Physics, Chris Luchini understands the science involved in the areas that the PRC regulates. He has also run a GeoThermal company since 2009. That experience gives him an understanding of the effects of regulation in the power generation industry. The PRC needs technically-qualified commissioners in order to effectively guide staff as they implement policies as authorized to the PRC by our state's legislature.

It is the PRC's job to implement acts of the legislature, not to invent new law via regulation.

1) The PRC today attempts to do too much. Any policy not pertaining to Electrical Utilities, telecommunications or Broadband (and there are many) should be either become unregulated or be transferred to other agencies more equipped to rationally handle them. As only one example, the Transportation Department should be regulating the creation of railroad grade crossings, not the PRC.

2) The PRC should recommend that the current vertical integration model which the Investor Owned Utilities use, be broken up into horizontal business sectors. The only natural monopoly that exists is that of power transmission, and the grid should, like the ERCOT grid in Texas, become it's own non-profit entity. Then, all power producers should be both allowed and encouraged to feed clean electrical power into the grid. The consumer should not be tied to an old-style geographically limited power provider; consumers should be allowed to purchase electricity from what ever generator they choose.

3) True High Speed Broadband is critical to the future of New Mexico businesses and workers, and now, school children. As one way to encourage competition, all state facilities that currently have a high speed fiber connection should be directed to lease both the excess bandwidth and the physical access needed to build towers on all state facilities. This license and lease access should not be exclusive, but open to all broadband access businesses on an equal basis.